Life's Portrait: Two Eagles Just Landed and Emerged For Odyssey

It is no longer news that over the past few days, following the celebration of giant strides of academic and music accomplishments of a youthful super hero - Ambassador Chineke, Cajethan Goodluck who has made names and amazing victories for Nigeria, Africa and even at the global scene severally and now seen as public figure along with a popular Nollywood Actor - Darlington Chibuikem, a producer, role model, director and singer also a celebrity have been seen at several occasions trending on different channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others on special outfits and functions.

I really followed the activities and events of my Ambassador on air and through his social media handles during the celebration right from here in Dubai and I was astonished at the king - sized crowd that graced the occasion from different parts of Nigeria and Overseas including government representatives at all levels, Nollywood top stars and International Diplomats. Although, I  wasn't much astounded because I understands the status quo, integrity, great legacies and awards Ambassador Goodluck has left behind over the years. 
In fact, I personally regard him as a rare eagle after meeting him in two occasions in Thailand, during the International Education Summit and Awards 2020 where he received special awards after defeating over five million applicants in an essay competition and beating all countries and in Barbados of North America continent in 2021 during the Commonwealth Conference. His name is actually spreading like electricity light in various parts of the world including Dubai where I currently based. He is actually a figure I cannot joke with in life.

Darlington Chibuikem has equally been my fan all these years because I have followed him since 2002 up till recent times and he is a gifted actor to reckon with; his roles in movies has been intriguing. I do watch his movies on series of channels and I'm sure he's a prolific creator, innovative and intelligent. Darlington "Fate of the gods, More Of You, Pretty Stain and Lost of Love" have been inspiring mirrors of life via Literature sense of belongings. 
It is clear that road to greatness lies through the build of a winning team but on the case of Darlington + Cajethan, who are already the winning teams, it equals intergenerational Odysseys that can shake the world positively one day. Many of my friends have wondered why the two figures cherished each other inextricably and making much waves online but the answers are clear; both are international figures with horde of similar talents, ideas, visions, missions, affinity and familiarities and can't be sundered for once. The two eagles just landed and is purely a perfect match for higher greatness, their coming together is just like a rescue mission to the world which the world would tell the story later in life. I therefore bless this consociate as great eagles who founded each other after many years of missing apart.

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