EURO 2021 - Start Date, Groups, Euros Stat (The new anticipation)

As Club football season is over, all eyes are now on EURO 2021 set to kick off 11th June 2021, and end 11th July 2021. For us here at Nigerian Jobs we will keep news and other events running, and welcome the Euros with open arms. Our love of Football goes on. 

Portugal is the defending Champion... do you think they can retain it? They won at the expense of World Champion France and we think France will play for the European crown this time. Belgium, England, Germany, Italy, are just a few favorites we can mention. Bottomline, it will be exciting. Let's see the 6 groups in the competition:

Group A:
Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland   
Group B:
Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia
Group C:
Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia   
Group D:
England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic   
Group E:
Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia   
Group F:
Hungary, Portugal, France, Germany

As you can see, 3 of these favorites are in Group F. This means that one of them won't play in the knockout stage. Who's it going to be? Isn't it exciting already? Portugal, France and Germany will play each other, fighting for who will make it to the knockout phase.

The other thing we all have to consider is the underdog factor. It's been the order of the season. No one thought Chelsea of all teams will win the Champions League. No one thought Lille or Atletico will win Ligue 1 and La Liga respectively. We won't be surprised to see a different and unexpected Country run things in the Euros.

Germany - 3 titles
Spain - 3 titles
France - 2 titles

Michel Platini(France) - 9 goals
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) - 9 goals
Ole Madsen (Denmark) - 7 goals

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) - 21
Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany) - 18
Gianluigi Buffon (Italy) - 17

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