SIM Swap/Replacement

We know and understand, how much of a hassle replacing/swapping your SIM can be. This is why we have decided to make it simple with some of these basic steps to remember.

Situations Where You Might Need To Replace Or Swap Your SIM

  • If it is faulty
  • If it is damaged, stolen or lost
  • If it is obsolete (but eligible for replacement or an upgrade)
  • Any other legitimate reason or condition apart from those above.

Minimum requirements for SIM Replacement/Swap

1)    The phone number must be registered.

2)   Provide the SIM pack or other evidence of direct purchase/ownership. Where SIM pack is unavailable, a sworn affidavit attesting to ownership and loss is required.

3)   Three (3) frequently-dialled numbers

4)    Details of your last recharge activities.

5)   A valid form of photo ID, defined as International Passport, Driver’s License, National ID Card, Voters Identification Card (NINs slip with ID number are also accepted).

SIM Swap Through a Third Party

Where you are unavailable, an authorized representative can complete the SIM swap on your behalf.

This person requires the following:

  1. A sworn affidavit by you detailing reasons for replacement, reasons for inability to carry-out replacement in person.
  2. A copy of your ID
  3. A valid photo ID of the authorized representative

More information on SIM replacement/Swap

  • You will be required to purchase a new SIM Card, where the phone number of the old SIM Card would be transferred.
  • You are also required to complete The SIM REPLACEMENT (Welcome Back) FORM and provide all the necessary information needed.
  • Please do not forget to bring your SIM pack (or a sworn affidavit if the SIM pack is lost) to swap your SIM without stress

Now that you know what to do! We look forward to welcoming you back to Nigeria’s Number 1 network!

Go a step further:Download Welcome Back Form

Also visit any of our shops closest to you.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Nigeria’s Number 1 network!

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