Airtel Welcome Back / Sim swap Requirements

Are you wondering on how possible to retrieve your lost, damaged or stolen Airtel SIM card by yourself and within a very short time? Even within 5 minutes?

Detailed herein are step-by-step procedures on how to apply for Airtel SIM Welcome Back via SMS in less than 5 Minutes. Yes! You can initiate and finish Airtel SIM Swap for your line without visiting any Airtel office or outlet; you also don’t need to call any Airtel customer care agents.

All you need to do is to simply send an SMS request in a given format, and your request shall be granted. Got it?

Information Required For Airtel Welcome Back By SMS:

A phone that can send SMS
A new Airtel SIM pack
An old Airtel SIM pack
Once you are armed with the above SIM replacement information, proceed to the request format. Open you phone SMS composer and type the following details:

Your Name {space} Contact Number {space} Mobile Number you want to welcome back {space} Serial Number of old SIM {space} Serial Number of new SIM {space} Puk Number of old SIM {space} Puk number of new SIM {space} Mobile number of the new SIM you bought

Send your SIM swap details in above format to 190. Ensure that you replaced every format with its corresponding values. The service is free of charge, just send it and Airtel will do the rest.

Note: {space} means shift; just press the “0” key on your phone once, do not type {space}. When you are done typing, the overall format will look like the info below:

Keneth 08022220000 07020000022 87390123400010003232 89235678900100400012 78765699 685455555 08021111122

Send the above sms instruction to 190.

Successful Airtel SIM Swap

How do I know if my Airtel SIM swap was successful? Well, it may take up to 24 or 48 hours for your line to be activated. Just make sure you provide a valid and reachable contact number which Airtel will use to contact you once your new line is ready. Enjoy your easy Welcome Back.

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